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Cat Friendly Clinic

We work hard to make your cat's visit to the vet as stress-free as possible

Here at Leonard Brothers we understand that our feline friends like a visit to the doctors about as much as we do...

... this is why we have worked as hard as possible to make their visit to us as stress free as possible and it starts the moment they come through the door.

Cat Friendly Waiting Rooms

We have created a separate area for cats to wait in away from the scary dogs. Cats like to hide away and watch the world from a place of safety so the cubbyholes give them a sense of security while they are out of their comfort zone.

We are also able to book appointments for quieter periods so your cat has a much less stressful waiting period. Please just let us know if you'd like to do this when booking your appointment.

Cat Friendly Handling

Less is more with cats. We do have to restrain patients for procedures such as injections, blood sampling and examinations.
Cats respond far better to light restraint and distraction rather than excessive force. All our nursing and veterinary team have had extra training in gentle handling of cats and we have a "no scruffing policy".