Work Experience

Interested in a work placement at Leonard Vets?

Here at Leonard Brothers we are very keen to encourage the next generation of vets and vet nurses and many of you may have met some of the numerous students who have spent time at the practice.

Students who are interested in veterinary medicine have to complete a broad portfolio of work experience prior to applying to college. Small Animal Veterinary practice will make up part of that portfolio but it is important to get experience with as wide a range of animals as possible so applicants should consider stables, kennels, farms and other animal centres as well as veterinary practices.

We will only take students who have a genuine interest in veterinary work as places are limited and priority will be given to vet students in their clinical years.

To apply for Work Experience we require you to:

  • Be over the age of 16 years
  • Read the Guidelines 
  • Fill in an Application Form - please click on the button below
Click here for Guidelines and Application Form

University Students please just call the practice to arrange your EMS

Successful applicants will be asked to attend the practice for a short interview. This is to ensure they understand all that will be expected of them during their time with us. We cannot guarantee that every interviewee will be offered a place on their first application.

Veterinary practices are potentially hazardous places to work and we take health and safety very seriously. For this reason we do not allow students to handle animals, sharps, medicines or any other hazardous items (University Veterinary Students will be engaged in these activities). 

Students will be able to witness surgery and spend time with vets in consultations. We will quiz students on aspects of biology and basic maths. Students will also assist the nurses and receptionists in some of their duties (lots of cleaning stuff - very important).

There will be quieter periods of the day when there is little clinical work going on so students are expected to bring a book or school-work to fill these periods.

We are looking for keen, enthusiastic students who ask questions and who are helpful and polite. And who can make nice cups of tea!