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What to do in an emergency out of hours

If you need to speak to one of our vets out of hours, please call your usual branch:

Whitchurch Branch (01948 662424‚Äč)

Nantwich Branch (01270 262830)

Wistaston Branch (01270 652121)

We provide a 24-hour service via our normal phone numbers. Once the practice is closed this service is only for our registered clients and also only for emergencies. There is an extra charge for this service which can be discussed with the vet on call.

We don’t use an out of hours service provider, this means that out of hours you will be seen by the normal vets who work in the practice during the day. Please be conscious of this when ringing at night. None of us mind seeing emergency work (it is a very rewarding part of our job) however we do also need our sleep as the vet on call every night will be working the following day as well. If you have a non-emergency enquiry, then please respect this and call us in the morning. We realise that you won’t always know if your pet’s problem is an emergency or not - if you have any concerns then please ring, we will be able to tell you if it is an emergency or if it can wait until the practice is open again.

There is only 1 vet on call overnight and at weekends and they will cover emergencies at all 3 of our branches. If you need to be seen out of hours, the vet may ask you to go to one of our clinics which is different from your normal daytime clinic. This may mean a short drive for you, but you will be seeing a Leonard Brothers Vet who will have full access to all of your clinical notes.

Any patients kept overnight at the practice will be checked upon by the veterinary team at a frequency based on their needs as currently we do not have provision for live in staff.

Providing our out of hours service is very expensive and as such is only available to our own registered clients. If you are not registered with us you should contact your normal vet in an emergency situation. If you can’t get hold of your own vet then we will happily see you, however there will be an extra charge for non-clients in addition to the call out fee.